My Story

Profilna slika Andreja Košir

Hi, I'm Andreja

I grew up thinking that first and foremost, it’s important to do things right. I always turned for confirmation outward first, to other people. And this formula has worked great most of my life. But slowly, I began to realize, that denying myself and my true desires is simply not a formula to help me live a fulfilled and meaningful life.

And all of a sudden, I felt a big void inside. That was when I decided to begin a journey to discover my true self. More and more often, I started turning to nature for answers. In search of peace and a break from the ordirary life, it was in nature, where I was able to detach from external expectations. There, I could just BE. Above all, the forest became a very special place for me. A space of peace, quiet and infinite potential. A space that gave me a chance to finally really hear myself. It was where I finally heard what my heart longs for, and what my soul desires.

Along the way, I also met yoga, got to know it slowly and carefully, and finally forged a strong unbreakable bond of friendship with it. With the help of yoga, I came to many important insights, and above all, I finally began to lovingly take care of myself. I started making decisions for myself, not for others. My jigsaw puzzle was slowly starting to form its image. An image based on what I felt in my heart.

And here I am today. Here, in Jezersko - at the crossroads of forests, water and mountains, where my vision really came to life. Here is where I invite you to join me in starting on your journey. I want to take you back to nature, to self, and to show you the mysterious power that it carries.

You are kindly welcome to join me in my little universe. I would like to share with you everything that is important to me, what inspires me to grow.

I sincerely wish that some of the fragments of my world will be valuable to you as well.

With love,