We all breathe the same air
and blood runs through our veins.
But not one is equal to anyone else
and everyone is their own universe.
-Tone Pavček

Feel the power of nature



The more you calm your mind, the better your body feels.

online yoga

Online Yoga

Join the practice three times a week from the comfort of your home.

Deepen yourself in the mystery of nature with yoga

My favourite time is spent in nature. I love the feeling of beauty and freedom that experience in the practice of yoga. The process brings me to the awareness that I am the guide of my personal journey, and that is what I would like to share with you.

Andreja pri jezeru Jezersko.

Nature Science

breathe in nature

Breathe in nature

Did you know we inhale 20.000 breaths a day? However, we pay too little attention to our breathing and we are unaware of it most of time.

asana yoga


The tree pose (vrikshasana) among other things help us improve balance and strenghten our leg muscules, especially in our feet and ancles. Asana grounds us and teaches us how to keep calm and focus in challenging times in our lives.



Our mind is similar to a small drunk outrageous monkey jumping all around. Meditation and various mindful practices help our mind to calm down and guide our focus to here and now.

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